Keith Knit Vest

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With right sides facing sew the front and back shoulders together, take care not to stretch whilst sewing. Neaten with overlocker/serger and lightly press/steam toward the back.

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Overlock or serge the armhole, turn the armhole hem allowance inside and pin in place, take care not to twist, once in place sew the turnback down with a top stitch.

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Sew a stay stitch around the neckline to prevent any stretching.


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With right sides facing sew the two angled ends of the neckband together, clip carefully into the “V” and press the seam open.

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Turn the band to the right side and press in half lengthways. Clip any “V” excess seams allowance away. Understitch along the seam line of the outer two raw edges of the band to hold it in place then lightly press.

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Pin the neckband to the neck, matching the “V” of the neckband to the “V” of the body, carefully clip into the “V” on the body making sure you don’t clip more than the seam allowance. This will ensure a sharp “V”.

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Start sewing at the centre front “V”, firstly sew the “V” either side.

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Once the “V” is perfect then sew the rest of the neckband to the neck of the body. Neaten the seam with a serger/overlocker and press the seam toward the body, lightly steam the neckband with the iron so it will sit nice and flat.


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With right sides facing sew the front and back side seams together, neaten with a serger or overlocker and press the seam toward the back. From the right side sew a small stay stitch on top of the under-arm seam to secure the seam down (not pictured).

Turn the hem to the inside and sew it down with a twin needle.

Lightly steam/press your new vest!