Kingsley Bias Cut Dress and Cami

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Sew the rouleau straps. Fold the strap in half lengthways with right sides facing, sandwiching a length of cord inside to use to pull the strap through. Using a zipper foot, sew across the top of the strap, turn the corner and sew down the length to the end of the strap. Pull the strap out to the right side using the cord. See the Rouleau Strap tutorial on if you need assistance.

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With right sides together sew the centre front seams of the “V” neck facings, stitch from the base of the facing and finish at the * marking on the pattern (6mm (¼”) from the cut edge of the neck). Press the seam open.

Sew the front and back neck facings together at the side seams, press the seams open. Neaten the lower edge of the facing with an overlocker/serger.

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Sew the armhole darts and press downward.

Sew the darts at the waist and press towards the side seam.

From the inside sew the two rouleau straps to the pointed section of the neckline.

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With right sides facing sew the front and back side seams together matching all the notches as you sew. Take care not to stretch the bias-cut seams. Neaten with an overlocker/serger and press towards the front.

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With right sides together sew the neck facing to the neck of the body, sandwiching the rouleau strap between the body and the facing as you sew. Turn out to the right side and understitch on the side of the facing.

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Sew the ends of the elastic to the top of the side seam. Fold the back facing over the elastic and pin in place. Using a zipper foot, sew a row of stitching below the elastic but not catching it, stretch the elastic as you sew.

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Neaten the hem with an overlocker/serger. Turn the hem to the inside and stitch taking care not to twist the hem as you sew. Alternatively, you can double turn the hem as show above or even use a rolled hem foot if you have one.

Fit the garment on the body to determine the correct length of the straps. Once in place stitch to the inside along the same stitch line as the elastic casing.

Finish with a final press.