Percy Poncho

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With right sides together sew the centre back seams and press open.

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With right sides together sew the back neck facing to the back neck, clip into the rounded neck seam, turn to the right side and understitch close to the seam on the side of the facing.

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Overlock or serge the vertical centre front edge, turn the seam edge in and top stitch.

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With right sides facing sew the front and back shoulder seams together, overlock/serge the shoulder seams and press toward the back, ensuring the front neck edge is in line with the back neck seam.

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Lay the back neck facing over (onto) the front and pin, once in place stitch together following the shoulder seam. Clip the corner to reduce the bulk.

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Turn the facing out to the right side pin the facing to the back body and sew a top stitch around the back neck, this stitch will line up with the front neck top stitching followed sewing a top stitch around the edges of the back neck facing to hold in place.

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Serge or neaten the hem and side opening, turn the seams to the inside and top stitch the hems and side opening.

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Neaten the top edge of the pocket with overlocker/serger and fold over with right sides facing, following notches.

Sew down each side of the turnover, clip the corners and turn the pocket top out to the right side.

Turn the side seams and base of pocket towards the inside and press.

Sew a twin needle top stitch along the base of the inner folded edge of the pocket.

Pin the pockets to the front pattern pieces, following markings. Once in place sew around the outer edges with a 3mm (1/8”) edge stitch. Secure the top corners of the pocket, see diagram.


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With right side facing sew two short ends of the belt together. Fold the belt in half with right sides facing and sew down each end of the belt and along the base leaving an opening as marked on the pattern, use this opening to turn the belt to the right side. Sew the belt opening up with a hand stitch and press.

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Make button holes at the belt openings as marked on the front and back pattern pieces.

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The belt threads into the back buttonholes and out of the front buttonholes to enable tying the belt.

Lightly press your new Poncho!

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