Teddy Designer Top

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TUTORIALS - 2022-10-12T164906.453

With right sides facing pin the outer edges of the collar together. Turn out to the right side, press and sew a stay stitch along the two outer edges of the collar to hold in place, be careful not to stretch this edge. Carefully press and put aside.

Note when wearing this garment, the collar can be folded down or left standing up to hug the neck. This is why we have chosen not to understitch, as it will show on one side of the collar.


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With right sides facing sew the two short ends of the cuffs together, turn out to the right side and press in half lengthways. Stay stitch the two raw edges to hold in place, as the cuffs are cut on the bias grain be careful not to stretch. Set the cuffs aside.


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With right sides facing, sew together the shoulder seams of the neck facings, followed by sewing the centre front seam of the facing (not pictured), press the seams open and neaten the outer edge with an overlocker/serger.

TUTORIALS - 2022-10-12T170027.459

With right sides together sew the side seams of the front and back hem facings. Neaten the bottom edge of the facing with an overlocker/serger.

TUTORIALS - 2022-10-13T123833.987

With right sides facing, sew the front and back shoulder seams together. Stay stitch around the neckline, to prevent any stretching.

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Pin the collar to the neckline, it is most important to match the notches A & B. The base of the collar is to finish at the notch on the centre front seam.

Neaten each centre front seam with an overlocker/serger. With right sides facing, sew the centre front seam up to the notch and press the seam open.

With right sides facing, sew the front and back side seams together and neaten with an overlocker/serger (not pictured).

TUTORIALS - 2022-10-13T125215.407

With right sides together pin the neck facing to the neckline sandwiching the collar in between. Take care at the centre front seam where it joins the collar ends.
Understitch close to the seam on the side of the facing. To obtain a perfect point at the junction place a pin through the junction checking that all the seams are aligned to this point. Press the facing, then sew a small stitch to secure to the facing to the body at the shoulder seams and centre front.

TUTORIALS - 2022-10-13T125915.618

Pin the made up cuffs to the armholes, following the notches. Sew together then neaten with an overlocker/serger. The seam will be on the right side of the garment. Understitch close to the seam on the side of the body.

TUTORIALS - 2022-10-13T130203.637

Once stitched on, fold the cuffs over the seam to the right side of the garment. Hand stitch a catch to the shoulder and to the underarm to hold the cuff in place.

TUTORIALS - 2022-10-13T132407.017

With right side together pin the hembands to the hem of the top, once in place stitch on. Understitich close to the seam on the side of the facing. Press the facing to the inside and pin in place, once in place topstitch around the top edge of the hem facing

Press your new top!