Thinking about your ‘Make 9’ challenge this year?

New Year, New Wardrobe! Load up your 'make 9' with our discounted Beginner Bundles

It’s a new year and perhaps it’s time for an exciting new wardrobe? Thinking about taking part in the ‘Make 9’ challenge this year? Why not get started with our Beginner Bundle ‘Wardrobe’ or Beginner Bundle ‘Dresses’? Both Beginner Bundles are 25% OFF on!

Beginner Bundle - Wardrobe

The six beginner friendly sewing patterns included in this bundle are the Bob Woven Pant, Genoa Bias Cut Skirt, Rhea Knit Top, Olivia Dress, Sigrid Knit Coat and Eme Dress. You can buy the complete bundle and get 25% OFF the individual purchase prices!

Beginner Bundle - Dresses

We’ve selected four of our easiest dress patterns and bundled them together at 25% off. In the Beginner Bundle Dresses you will receive the Doreen Knit Dress, Eme Dress, Olivia Dress and Hope Woven Dress sewing patterns.

Beginner Bundle - Dresses


Don’t forget to tag us in your Make 9 creations on Instagram or Facebook. We love seeing your makes. Happy sewing!