Lisa / April 2024

I saw that you had turned off comments for someone’s post on Facebook (they were complaining about the directions) and I wanted to take the time to tell you how very much I love the designs of Style Arc–above and far beyond any other pattern company. I remember years ago seeing — it had to have been on Facebook — one of your designs and from the first one, I had to start following Style Arc. Fresh, modern designs that are still absolutely wearable and flattering to so many body types<--that takes significant talent and skill to design. A lovely tall perfect figure can look good in a sack, but it takes true talent to flatter so many people so consistently while at the same time providing a fresh approach to clothing. I have to say too, that you have not neglected good solid basics: skirts, blouses, pants. I spent so much time in frustration trying to find basic skirt and basic shirt patterns from Simplicity, Butterick, and McCalls and not finding them, that I thought "hmmm...let me check Style Arc for those" and found them. On sale, no less. Good directions are nice, and I'd say more or less essential for tricky seams or details, but I'm so old I already know how to sew; already have excellent sewing books (real, hardcover books) and already know to look for tutorials, videos, etc. from a variety of sources; I wouldn't care if you put directions in the patterns for simple garments, but of course understand others might want or need them. But others would be well-advised to help themselves to learn, too. I just wanted you to know how much I enjoy Style Arc as a resource for patterns. I have drafted a few basic things, but frankly prefer leaving that to someone else. You are my favorite pattern company. Easy to purchase from, too. And I like supporting an Australian business because I had a dear friend from Australia. I'm long-winded. Sorry. But a real fan, Sincerely, Lisa