Nina / January 2021

I hope you guys know how much I appreciate you. My wardrobe is 90% StyleArc–I can’t imagine not having your patterns in my sizes in my life. The drafting is so consistent that I can pretty much apply the same changes I’ve learned my body needs to any new SA project. Over the holiday break, I made my 5th Besharl jacket, my 1st & 2nd Sabel Cardi, and began the pattern prep for the Preston sweater (and this was a “less productive than usual” break for me sewing-wise). I’ve gotten so many compliments on outfits made with your patterns, and this lets me (as a larger woman) feel normal and stylish rather than be self-conscious because the crap I used to have to buy never fit right. I’m even able to indulge my frivolous desires because of your patterns–I used the Loren jacket to make a fabulous knock-off of a Milly fake fur jacket that is a real showstopper. If I have contributed to your company’s success in any way, I am very grateful. Happy New Year!