Sandra from South Australia / September 2016

Dear Chloe et al, I just wanted you to know how proud I am of your company, especially being Australian. My sewing friends are probably sick of hearing me whinge about independent pattern makers who don’t have an original thought in their heads!!! It makes me furious that they actually get paid for what are essentially copies of the same patterns that dozens of others are also producing. Not so Style Arc!!! Your designs, while being right up to date/even fashion forward!, are always so exciting to anticipate each month. As I am in an older demographic, and on the large side these days, I just admire from afar quite often, but OFTEN, I am inspired to ‘have a go’ because the pattern is irresistible!! Thank you so much for sharing your ingenuity with us, and thank you also for your ‘freebie’ offers. They are much appreciated. My SA patterns have their own special storage box in my sewing room, because they are precious!! Best wishes,