Columbus Knit Top

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With right sides together join the main centre front panel to outer side panel with stretch machine stitch or overlock/serger. Press the seams away from centre front.

With right sides together sew the outer side panel to the outer centre back panel.

Repeat for the inner layer.

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Cut elastic to your personal measurement. Overlap the ends by 1.2cm (1/2”) and sew the short ends together securely. Check the elastic on the body.

You can make it tighter than the garment if preferred.

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With the body’s right sides facing sew the elastic to the cut edges of the base, stretching the elastic as you sew.

Flip over the inner shell and topstitch with twin needle or zig zag.

Add a topstitch row to secure the opposite side of the elastic to the inner layer. This secures the elastic to the base of the inner layer.

Fold the garment through to the right side.

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With right sides facing sew the front and back shoulder seams of outer and inner layers. Press open.

Stay stitch the two layers together around neckline and armholes.

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With the right sides together join the short ends of the band pieces and press open. Fold the binding in half lengthways (wrong sides together) and press.

With right sides together use pins to secure the bands evenly around the neckline. Sew with 4 thread overlock/serger or stretch stitch. Press towards body and edge stitch close to the seam on the side of the body.

Repeat for armholes. Alternately you can bind the neck and armhole if you prefer

Give the garment a final steam press and finish.