Who Can Resist a Dress Pattern Offering Nine Stunning Looks?


Hello Hope Extension Pack!Are You a Dress Extension Enthusiast? Discover the expanded version of our beloved Hope Dress sewing pattern.

The Hope extension pack now features three distinct bodice and sleeve pattern variations, perfectly coordinated with the skirt from the original Hope Woven Dress pattern, offering you over nine unique styles. It’s important to note that the Hope skirt pattern is not part of this pack, so make sure you have the original Hope Woven Dress pattern to make the most of it! If you don’t yet have the Hope Woven Dress pattern, not to worry – you can get both the Hope Dress and Extension Pack in a single discounted bundle here: Hope Dress pattern with the Hope Extension Pack.

3 new bodices and sleeves!

Just some of the looks you can create!

Haven’t got your hands on the Hope Woven Dress pattern yet? No worries!

We’ve bundled the Hope Dress pattern with the Hope Extension Pack at an enticing 20% discount. Plus, you have the option to incorporate any of the three new sleeve variations with the original Hope Dress bodice!

Hope Woven Dress + Extension Pack = 20% off