H A R L O W . K I D S . K N I T . T O P

Step-By-Step Tutorial


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Tips for working with stretchy fabrics:

– use an overlocker / serger

– use a stretch stitch

– if you want to use a straight stitch, use a stretch thread (Seraflex for example)HARLOW-KIDS-KNIT-TOPPreparations

– Cut out all the pattern pieces.

– Take notice of the grainline as mentioned on the pattern pieces and the pattern pieces that need to be cut on the fold.

– Mark the notches.

– When finished, you should have 5 fabric pieces (4 pattern pieces).


Sewing the neck band and shoulder seams

– Fold the neckband and sew the short ends together

– Lay the front and back on top of each other, right sides facing and sew the shoulder seams together.


Sewing the neckband with a cover  strip on the inside

Step 1

If you wish to sew the neckband without a cover strip, you can still follow these steps but let out the cover strip.

– Measure the back of the neck, from shoulder to shoulder. Add 2 cm to this length.

– Cut a piece of knit fabric (leftovers are great for this), length as just measured, width about 4 cm. This is your cover strip.


Step 2:  Pin the neckband and cover strip

– Pin the neckband on the neckline, stretching out the neckband and nicely dividing it over the width of the neckline.

– Take the cover strip and pin it on top of the neckband, right side facing the right side of the back of the top.

– Fold both ends of the cover strip 1 cm to the middle, so they start and end evenly with the shoulder seams.


Step 3: Sew the neckband

– Sew the neckband and the cover strip together to the neckline. The cover strip is now secured with one long edge.


Step 4: Finish the cover strip

– Fold the cover strip 2 times, covering the seam of the neckband and pin in place.

– Sew the cover strip, using a small stitch length.

– Start and end at the shoulder seams.

– Your cover strip is finished!

– I topstitched the front of the neckline to finish the neckband .




Sewing the body

– Sew the side seams of the front and the back.


Finishing the bottom hem

– Finish the bottom of the top the way you wish.

I used my serger and finished the hem with a twin needle.


Sewing the sleeves: Step 1

– Sew 2  gathering stitches to the head of the sleeve. I used a different colour thread so the gathering is easy to see and to remove afterwards.

– Start and finish at the notched you marked on your sleeve

– Sew the underarm sleeve seams together.

– Finish the sleeve seam the way you like. In this example I used a rolled hem, made with my serger


Sewing the sleeves: Step 2

– Pull your gathering threads and evenly divide your ruffle in between the notches.

– Secure your gathering thread and pin the sleeve in the armhole opening, matching the notches as you stitch.

– Sew the sleeves in the armhole opening.

– Turn the sleeve to the right side and repeat these steps on the other sleeve.

– This is what the sleeve looks like from the right side.

– Press the top lightly.




Congratulations, your Harlow kids knit top is finished!

 Have fun wearing it and don’t forget to share your version of the top using the hashtag #saharlowkidsknittop


Tutorial by the lovely @nic_combi_naait