Miranda Skirt



With right sides facing, sew the two lining pieces together at the side seams, neaten the seams with an overlocker/serger and press towards the back.

Neaten the bottom edge of the lining with an overlocker/serger.



Using a large gathering stitch, join the six tulle skirt pieces together, sewing two rows along the top edge of the tulle. Overlap each piece by 1cm to hide the raw edges of the six panels of tulle.

Gather up the stitches evenly, to match the width of the lining pieces.


Using a large stitch, baste the tulle skirt to the waist edge of the lining, making sure that there are three pieces of tulle on the front lining and three on the back lining.


With right sides facing sew the two short ends of the waistbands together and press the seam open.

Turn the waistband to the right side, fold in half lengthways with wrong sides together and press. This pressed line will be a guide for the elastic.

Cut the elastic to your personal length, lay one end over the other and securely stitch together.

Sandwich the elastic inside the folded waistband and sew a stay stitch to the two cut edges of the folded waistband to hold in place.

Mark the waistband into quarters and stretch out the elastic to get an even spread. Sew a vertical stitch through the elastic at the markings to stop the elastic from rolling.

With right sides facing sew the waistband to the skirt matching the notches and side seams of the lining, stretching the elastic as you sew. Neaten seam with overlocker/serger and press downward.

Lightly steam your new skirt.

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