New Extension Pack for One of Your Favourite Dress Patterns!

NEW | Trinnie Extension Pack Pattern

After the huge success of our recent sewing pattern extension packs, we have an announcement. Attention Trinnie Woven Dress pattern lovers – The Trinnie Extension Pack is here!

Ready to switch up your style? The Trinnie Extension pack has a huge range of style options including two new bodices, three new skirts, a hem frill and two new sleeve shapes to work with the original Trinnie Woven Dress pattern. ⁠The Trinnie Extension Pack makes it simple to sew your dress your way.⁠

If you already own the Trinnie Woven Dress, add the extension pack to your collection. If you don’t own Trinnie, you can buy both the Trinnie Woven Dress and the Extension Pack as a bundle and save 20% on the individual prices!⁠

New Trinnie Extension Pack Pattern

There are over 16 different looks that you can create with the Trinnie Extension Pack + Trinnie Woven Dress patterns, below are just a few to inspire you. Don’t forget you will need the original Trinnie Woven Dress pattern to use this extension pack.

Trinnie Extension Pack - Bodice 1 + Skirt B

Get this look with Sleeve 1 + Original Bodice B + Skirt A

Sew this dress with Bodice 2 + Skirt C

Don’t have the Trinnie Woven Dress pattern yet? Don’t worry you can buy both the Trinnie Woven Dress + Extension Pack together as a discounted bundle and save 20%!

Shop 20% off the Trinnie Woven Dress + Trinnie Extension Pack pattern bundle