The Classic Tracy Trench Coat Sewing Pattern

Tracy Trench Coat Sewing Pattern

There is no wardrobe piece quite like the classic trench. Lasting the test of time this trench coat sewing pattern for women will create the ultimate garment, one that can be worn with any look and can dress up the most basic of garments.

Tracy Trench Coat

We released our Tracy Trench many years ago when we first started Style Arc and we don’t think it ever received the true kudos it deserved.

Now that we are in 2019, we feel the style and construction sheet needed a refresh! Sporting a neater collar, some added length, clearer instructions and better diagrams, Tracy is ready to step into 2019. Pattern options available for Tracy include: Hard Copy Single Size, Hard Copy Multi-size, PDF Single Size and PDF Multi-size.

Tracy Trench Coat

A trench is timeless and synonymous with style and this is how we feel about Tracy! The perfect between seasons outerwear garment, this versatile piece will have you covered for every season depending on the weight of the fabric you choose to make it in. Tracy is a sustainable addition to have in your wardrobe forever 🖤

Until next time, happy sewing!