Trend Report | Party Season ✨


Trend Report - Party Season

Party season has arrived!

Here are some tips and tricks for making your next party outfit:

Pick a fun party fabric! Go rogue on the fabric suggestions and think metallic fabrics, sequins and textures like tulle or faux leather. The only rules are if the pattern is drafted for a woven fabric, stick to wovens, if it is a knit pattern, stick to a suitable knit.
Make the look of your dreams by playing around with lengths, like we have lengthened the Darby Pant pattern below into a full length pant.
Enjoy the process of slow sewing and add embellishments like applique or embroidery.
Choose a pattern with drama! Pick a pattern with a focal point like a statement sleeve like the Queenie Woven Dress.

Here is some party outfit inspo featuring some of our favourite patterns.

Byron Woven Top & Darby Woven Pant

Elley Designer Dress

Joy Woven Vest & McKenzie Woven Pant

Joan Woven Top & Miranda Skirt

Queenie Woven Dress

Happy party sewing!

♡ The Style Arc Team