New Meghan Jacket Pattern and Fabric Bundles

Hi Everyone!

Today we are launching the gorgeous new Meghan Jacket. We’ve paired it up with some fabulous ponte knit colours too, so you can buy the pattern and the fabric you need in a single bundle. Check out the Black, Navy, Cement and Boysenberry Meghan Jacket bundles in store now!

Meghan Jacket Sewing Pattern and Cement Ponte Fabric Bundle

Meghan Jacket Sewing Pattern and Cement Ponte Fabric Bundle

Don’t need any fabric? No problem! The Meghan Jacket is available as a pattern by itself (Paper or PDF).

The Meghan Jacket (Paper or PDF) is new take on the classic waterfall jacket. It features a flattering waterfall collar and an interesting sleeve tie treatment. You can knot the ties on the sleeve for an on-trend look or eliminate the ties and turn the sleeves back to create a wide cuff.

Meghan Jacket Sewing Pattern and Fabric Bundles

Meghan Jacket Pattern and Fabric Bundles in Black, Navy, Cement or Boysenberry.

Style Arc Sewing Patterns on Pattern Review

Style Arc Multi-size PDF Patterns on Pattern Review

Have you heard that Pattern Review has just started selling a new Style Arc pattern format that we’re trialling? These digital PDF patterns are multi-sized. You get sizes 4-16 or sizes 18-30 in a single nested pattern. Each size is shown in a different colour. You get tiled PDF files for printing at home AND wide format print shop PDF files in a single purchase.

Pattern Review also offers a print service where they print the copy shop pattern you have purchased and mail it to you! Now that’s pretty cool, don’t you think?

We’re hoping to offer this new PDF format on our site soon, but in the meantime Pattern Review is the only place you can buy Style Arc Multi-size PDF patterns.

Until next time, happy sewing!