New Style Alert – Teddy by Two Designer Outfit – Discounted Sewing Pattern Bundle

Teddy by Two Designer Bundle Sewing Patterns by Style Arc

Teddy by Two Designer Bundle Sewing Patterns by Style Arc

The new Teddy by Two designer outfit is in store now! Buy the Teddy Designer Pant (paper, PDF, Etsy) and Teddy Designer Top (paper, PDF, Etsy) separately or as a discounted Teddy by Two Outfit Bundle (paper, PDF, Etsy).

Teddy Designer Pant by Style Arc Sewing Patterns

This season’s trousers of choice come supersized and we couldn’t be happier! Our new Teddy Designer Pant (paper, PDF, Etsy) embraces this polished and modern silhouette and we are very excited to bring it to you. This pant features a deep knife pleat down the front leg, slightly rounded shape and narrow leg opening at the ankle.

This fabulous pant can be worn day and night and look best when styled with your favourite loafers for that relaxed day look. It also works perfectly with a pair of heels for a fun night out with friends.

Teddy Designer Top by Style Arc Sewing Patterns

Don’t forget we have also created the perfect partner in crime for this pant, the Teddy Designer Top (paper, PDF, Etsy). Teddy is a very chic top that oozes style with its lovely collar that contours the neck. If the high collar doesn’t sit well with you, you can just turn in down for more open neck line. Let’s not forget we have created this pattern with two lengths: the cropped shorter top and the longer tunic depending on your mood.

You can purchase these patterns separately or grab yourself a bargain with our discounted bundle (paper, PDF, Etsy), and why not, they look so right together!