Trend Report | Colour Blocking 🟢🔵🟣


Trend Report | Colour Blocking

Brighten up your life with the latest trend – Colour blocking.

Wearing colour can not only boost your mood and bring joy to yourself and others but it can also spark the production of the happy hormone, dopamine.

Why not experiment with colour blocking in your next project, here are some ways to inject some colour and fun into your wardrobe.

Monochrome Outfit | Albie Woven Shirt, Pant & Short Bundle

Use colour to highlight the different design details of a pattern such as the collar, cuffs and sleeves.

We love the idea of using different shades of the same colour across the different pattern pieces of the Albie Woven Shirt and Pant sewing patterns to create an eye catching yet harmonious co-ord.

Bold Print | Yvette Woven Dress

Get creative with your next sewing project by introducing a fabric with a bold pattern in tonal or contrasting colours to create an eye catching look. ⁠

Yvette looks effective in this purple/pink striped fabric. By cutting the panels in different orientations, you can enhance the impact of the multiple pattern pieces.⁠

Need some help planning the colours of your next Yvette? Click here to download a copy of our new Colour it Your Way – Yvette planning template.⁠

Colour Blocking | Hendrix Coat

Why limit yourself to a single fabric for your upcoming sewing project? Embrace the art of combining colors…⁠

Creating an impactful look can be achieved by pairing complementary colors, such as green and pink, purple and yellow, or orange and green.⁠

Equally effective results can be obtained by combining analogous colors, like blue and purple, as showcased in this Hendrix Coat.

Need a little help planning your Hendrix Coat colour combos? Use our new Colour it Your Way – Hendrix project planning template, download your copy here.

Two Tone | Esther Woven Dress

Be bold and choose 2 of your favourite colours to splice the Esther Woven Dress sewing pattern. Esther is designed with a centre front seam and split so is perfect for this type of colour blocking.

This look is so impactful and joyful, it will bring life to even the dreariest of days.

Happy Sewing!

♡ The Style Arc Team